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Audeze LCD-MX4 Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

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Audeze LCD-MX4
Open-Back Planar Magnetic Headphone

Powered by Audeze’s patented Fluxor magnets, the LCD-MX4 focuses 1.5 Tesla of magnetic flux on the lightweight 20 ohm impedance diaphragm. It is perfect for use where one isn’t likely to have a dedicated high-powered headphone amp and can be driven easily by a laptop, mixing console or audio interface.
The LCD-MX4 headphones' new lightweight design includes a durable magnesium housing with a carbon fiber headband. Significantly lighter than the LCD4 model, the new MX4 is the choice for long mixing sessions and hours of critical listening.

A perfect combination of the LCD-X and LCD-4, the LCD-MX4 has the easy-to-drive diaphragm and voice coil of the LCD-X combined with the extreme magnetic force of the LCD-4. It features a different soundstage presentation than the LCD-X or LCD-4 to help simulate a room’s sound.

  • Made in our Southern California Facility to Exacting Standards.


  • Planar magnetic drivers for better dynamics and frequency response.
  • Premium leather for style and durability.
  • Made in our Southern California facility.

Audeze Technology

  • Flux density 1.5 Tesla
  • Large ultra-thin Uniforce diaphragms
  • Double Fluxor™ magnetic arrays

Package Includes

  • 1/4in to dual 4-pin mini-XLR LCD headphone cable
  • 1/4" to 1/8" adapter cable
  • Professional travel case

Note: The tensioned set screws in the sides of the headband's adjustment blocks are pre-set and glued in our factory, and are not adjustable. Do not attempt to adjust these screws, as damage may result that is not covered by warranty.


  • Style - Over-ear, open-back
  • Transducer Type - Planar magnetic
  • Magnetic Structure - Double Fluxor™ magnet array
  • Phase Management - FAZOR
  • Magnet Type - Neodymium N50
  • Diaphragm Type - Ultra-thin Uniforce™
  • Transducer Size - 106 mm
  • Maximum Power Handling - 15W
  • Maximum SPL - >130dB
  • Frequency Response - 10Hz – 50kHz
  • THD - <0.1% @ 100dB
  • Impedance - 20 ohms
  • Sensitivity - 105 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)
  • Minimum Power Requirement - >100mW
  • Recommended Power Level - 1 - 4W

Listen Responsibly

To avoid damage to your headphones and/or hearing, ensure the volume on your player is turned down before connecting your headphones. After placing headphones on your head, gradually turn up the volume until you reach a comfortable listening level. Exposure to excessive sound levels can cause gradual hearing loss and damage your headphones.

  • Excessive power levels can damage your headphones. Be sure to stay within the rated power levels of 5W RMS / 15W PEAK to minimize the risk of damage, which is not covered under warranty.

Enhance your music creation experience

Introducing Audeze REVEAL, a set of free plug-ins that can be used for mixing and mastering on your headphones with confidence. REVEAL is compatible with most popular digital audio workstations (DAWs). Now available in VST/AU/AAX formats for PC and Mac. Check out Audeze Reveal Plugin

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