Aviot TE-D01d True Wireless Sport Earphones

Aviot TE-D01d True Wireless Sport Earphones

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Aviot TE-D01d True Wireless Sport Earphones

More to Japanese sounds

  • Based on the feedback from the well-received leading models, AVIOT's proud team of audio experts took the time to tune carefully. Simply boost a part of the bass range, do not use “tricks” to stimulate the senses more than necessary, aim to reproduce the original sound with the same philosophy as high-end audio, based on flat tone balance, and further straighten Pursued the sound of

The best audio experience with the latest technology

  • It uses the latest SoC QCC3026, which boasts DA (Digital to Analog) conversion performance that is overwhelmingly higher than conventional types. In addition, it does not use DSP (digital signal processor) extensively, but carefully selects and selects good speakers from among speaker drivers that use lightweight and high-speed graphene vibration plate, and it is possible to use deep bass such as deep sinking And, a midrange that plays beautiful vocals excellent in sound image localization, and a high range that does not get stuck in the ear while it is relaxed.

Total playback time over 100 hours

The latest SoC, QCC3026, and AVIOT's power saving design know-how are realized to realize up to 9 hours * of playback. A total of over 100 hours * can be played back in combination with the charging case. Furthermore, the roll swapping function is incorporated to reduce power consumption in the entire system without sacrificing sound quality.

* The playback time may be shortened depending on the use of the higher quality aptX codec, and depending on the radio wave condition and the volume.

Music longer and farther.

  • The compact and light charging case has a large capacity battery of about 1,800 mAh. As a result, not only can the earphone be charged more than 10 times, but as a mobile battery, simple charging from the USB terminal to a smartphone is possible.

High sound quality codec aptX compatible

  • The Bluetooth codec also supports higher quality AAC and aptX besides general SBC. In combination with an Android device that supports aptX, you can enjoy a wider range of sounds with more information. The delay of sound is also as small as about 1/3 (theoretical value) of SBC. In addition, the processing speed of the audio signal is increased, and delay reduction at SBC and AAC codec is also realized. You can enjoy without stress even when playing videos such as YouTube.

Perfect for sports, comfortable fit

  • Ergonomic design for a better fit, and by attaching it to the included ear wings, it also supports intense movements such as sports. The nano-coating has enhanced the shielding against sweat and rain, achieving IPX4 level drip-proof performance.

With AVIOT, it leads more.

  • Completely wireless earphones do not have a cable serving as an antenna outside the earphones, so in urban crowds where countless radio waves fly around, there is a drawback that the sound is easily interrupted due to mixed wires. AVIOT newly designed the built-in antenna by utilizing high-frequency circuit design technology and mounting know-how. Thanks to the synergy effect with the latest SoC QCC3026, which is extremely resistant to interference, we succeeded in minimizing the lack of sound even in places where the radio environment is harsh, such as in trains and station yards.

Like a small remote control

  • With the buttons on the side of the earphones, you can perform basic operations such as song playback, feed/back, stop, volume, etc. The built-in microphone not only allows you to make calls but also provides easy access to Siri & Google Assistant. You can hear the other party's voice from the left and right during a call, and you can enjoy a comfortable call by synergetic effect with the cVc noise canceling function.


  • Micro USB cable - One
  • Standard earpiece - Each size 1 color 1 pair S / M / L
  • Ear wing - Each size 2 color 1 pair S / M
  • Storage - pouch
  • User manual

How to reset the Aviot TE-D01d True Wireless Earphone
  • With the headset in the case, press and hold down the button on both sides for around 10 seconds, rapid white flashing lights should normally appear on both sides, the left side will subsequently flash white and orange indicating pairing mode.


  • Driver - φ 6 mm dynamic type
  • Sensitivity - 91 dB ± 3 db
  • Impedance -16 Ω
  • Maximum input - 5mW
  • On-board SoC - Qualcomm's QCC 3026
  • Microphone - cVc 8.0 noise canceling
  • Waterproof standard - IPX4
  • Battery capacity - Earphone one ear 50mAh / case 1800mAh
  • Talk Time - Up to 4 hours
  • Battery Life - Up to 9 hours
  • Charging time - About 2 hours
  • Supported codec - AAC, SBC, aptX
  • Corresponding profile - A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP
  • Charging port - Micro USB
  • Bluetooth version - 5.0
  • Bluetooth multi pairing - 3 devices


  • Micro USB cable - One
  • Standard earpiece - Each size 1 color 1 pair S / M / L
  • Ear wing - Each size 2 color 1 pair S / M
  • Storage - pouch
  • User manual
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  1. true wireless
    Nice sounding earphones and pretty easy to fit my ear without dropping even when I run. Highly recommended!

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  2. good quality
    the sound is really good, really convenient

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