Aviot TE-D01g True Wireless Earphones

Aviot TE-D01g True Wireless Earphones

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Aviot TE-D01g True Wireless Earphones


  • Based on the concept of "Japan Tuned", the high-quality sound of AVIOT that has been thoroughly polished can be contained in a small case as far as possible.
  • From such a feeling, this earphone was born. The specifications have been polished, with the earphone alone playing up to 10 hours, the high waterproof performance of IPX7, and the latest technology that minimizes the lack of sound.
  • We want all customers to realize the convenience and sound quality of a completely wireless earphone. Therefore, the evolution of AVIOT does not stop.

Palm jukebox

  • Form follows the functions. AVIOT came to this beautiful style as a result of the audio product's functionality and design. The latest technology is tightly enclosed in a case that fits comfortably in the palm, and it has both a sense of wearing like a feather and high sound quality that overwhelms the class.

AVIOT can dance

  • AVIOT thinks that earphones are one of the accessories that decorate the ears. That's why I made a thorough commitment to design and materials. Please choose your favorite color from the four colors. It's light like a feather, and there's no cable, so it's like a wing of Ongaku. While wearing the earphones, I can skip or dance.

Best-in-class sound quality

  • Do you have an image that wireless earphones sound worse than cable earphones? AVIOT makes it a thing of the past. We adopted the latest SoC, QCC3020, which is packed with the latest technology, and carefully selected graphene-coated speakers, and carefully tuned over time to match the Japanese hearing characteristics. You don't need a cable to sound good anymore.

An unbelievable stamina of the day, all day long
  • AVIOT, as a leading brand of Japanese wireless earphones, maximized size and weight reduction and playback time without sacrificing any sound quality. Listening to a large orchestra, you can play up to 10 hours * continuously, and up to 50 hours * with a charging case. * When using the apt-X codec, playback time will be reduced by about 2-3%.

Comfortable, easy, so comfortable

  • Do you think wireless earphones are difficult to set up and operate? AVIOT explains the connection settings etc. in an easy-to-understand video, so anyone can easily set and operate. And once the connection setting is done, automatic connection is just taken out from the charging case. It is a farewell to days to fight with the cable tangled in the back already.
Best waterproof performance in class
  • The high level of waterproof performance of the IPX7 level *, which is normal even when taking a shower while wearing it, as well as a large amount of sweat spent in the gym workout and sudden rain while going out, has been achieved. I do not choose the time and place anymore. * Only the earphone itself (charging case is not waterproof.)
More secure with AVIOT
  • Customers who are reluctant to purchase a completely wireless earphone have received a lot of opinions that they are likely to be lost and have concerns. AVIOT shrinks to an ergonomic shape and the shape of the ear, and uses a more fit foam earpiece. This allows you to enjoy the music comfortably without fear that the earphones will fall. We also offer a program that offers alternative products at a special price when lost, in order to use it more safely to our customers.
Like a small remote
  • With the buttons on the side of the earphones, you can perform basic operations such as song playback, feed/back, stop, volume, etc. The built-in microphone not only allows you to make calls but also provides easy access to Siri & Google Assistant. You can hear the other party's voice from the left and right during a call, and you can enjoy a comfortable call by synergetic effect with the cVc noise canceling function.
  • USB Type-C cable - One
  • Standard earpiece - Each size 1 color 1 pair S / M / L
  • Urethane foam - Each size 1 color 1 pair S / M
  • User manual

How to reset the Aviot TE-D01g True Wireless Earphone
  • With headset inside case, press and hold both sides simultaneously for around 10 seconds, after a few seconds remove the headset from case and it should automatically go into pairing mode.


  • Driver - φ 6 mm dynamic type
  • Sensitivity - 91 dB ± 3 db
  • Impedance - 16 Ω
  • Maximum input - 5mW
  • On-board SoC - Qualcomm's QCC 3020
  • Microphone - cVc 8.0 noise canceling
  • Waterproof standard - IPX7
  • Battery capacity - Earphone one ear 50mAh / case 550mAh
  • Duration of call - Up to 4 hours
  • Regeneration time - Up to 10 hours ※ If you use apt-X codec, playback time will be reduced by about 2-3%.
  • Charging time - About 2 hours
  • Supported codec - AAC, SBC, aptX
  • Corresponding profile - A2DP, HFP, HSP, AVRCP
  • Charging port - USB Type-C
  • Bluetooth version - 5.0
  • Bluetooth multi pairing - 3 devices
Customer Reviews
  1. Average quality
    The earbuds protrude too much for my liking although the fit is secure. I tested this with the Nuarl NT110 earbuds and the Nuarl earbuds sounded so much louder at the same volume level on my phone. You have to set the volume to almost max with the Aviot to get a loud sound though the sounds remain crisp n clear at this level. I personally prefer earbuds that are loud enough without needing to turn up the volume too much.

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    Posted on

  2. Excellent
    I bought the pearl white color, the sound is wonderful and long battery life, lasted a week before charging again

    Review by

    Posted on

  3. 5 star
    Sound quality surpass my expectation for the price, very very happy!

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    Posted on

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