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AZLA SednaEarfit Crystal for AirPods Pro 2 pairs pack in black

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Crystal for AirPods Pro
Now meet the apex of in-ear listening The utmost spacious sounding eartips

Why Crystal?

  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Anti-germ
  • premium materials
  • Grips into the ears firm and tight
  • Complete overhaul in sound quality
  • Maximized Active-Noise Cancelling
  • Genuine Apple filters

What makes it so comfortable?

Ordinary form or silicon eartips often provided with only S/M/L sizes, making it unfavorable finding the right fit for every ear materials are vulnerable to
contamination and germs feels stiff in the ears as they are squeezed in by force.


Crystal for AirPods Pro

Wide range of size options / Carefully designed form factors based on 778 different ear impressions German LSR Hypo-allergenic materials that
allow a clean and neat usage gently snugs into the ears without any pain or discomfort.

Let your sense of music bloom even brighter. Unveil the true power of the ANC your AirPods Pro has with great comfort. Crystal will guide you in.

Enjoying the ANC from your AirPods Pro?

Let us now make it EVEN better.

Urethane-coated adapters unlike others that use plastic adapters, we applied ours with urethane to preserve every bit of bass details and isolation.

Earwax Guide (Filter)

The filter used in Crystal for AirPods Pro has same filter with the genuine Apple AirPods Pro. Italian Mash type filter, which has royal technical textile, secured the quality.

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