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AZLA SednaEarfit Max for AirPod Pro

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AZLA SednaEarfit Max is made of medical silicone (prevention of bacterial reproduction + minimization of allergies) used in tools that enter the body during surgery.

In addition, for safety, the “ear-contact part” does not contain any pigments or other
additives other than medical silicone.

The tapered structure minimizes irritation and maximizes the noise canceling effect

A new fit that’s comfortable to wear! Unlike regular ear tips, the thickness of the ear-contact area is thinner, reducing pressure and increasing sound insulation.

Normal type : Gets thicker towards the inside of the ear, resulting in pressure
Tapered type : Gets thinner towards the inner ear, therefore reduces pressure and makes it more comfortable


Normal type : The thickness makes it less elastic and less soundproof
Tapered type : The part where the sound enters is thick, resulting in excellent sound insulation


Through various mathematical calculation tests, we adopted a “hexagonal structure” that effectively reduces the inflow rate of foreign substances and increases sound transmission by minimizing the margins between shapes and outline margins.

Cleaner and more comfortable!

A new urethane coated filter for MAX and AirPods Pro


Make the ANC performance of the AirPods Pro even more amazing! Maximize ANC performance without losing bass with urethane coatings, rather than third-party plastic adapters.

Perfect charging compatibility
The smooth texture of the low friction Max makes it perfectly compatible with genuine chargers.

A high-quality design

By unifying the front of the AirPods Pro and the adapter color, the design completeness is improved when wearing the product.

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