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AZLA SednaEarfit Max TWS for True Wireless

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100% sterile ingredients
Bacteria + irritation
+ allergy protection!
The ear tip that gently adheres to the sensitive “skin” inside the ear



AZLA SednaEarfit Max is made of medical silicone
(prevention of bacterial reproduction + minimization of allergies)
used in tools that enter the body during surgery.
In addition, for safety, the “ear-contact part”
does not contain any pigments or other
additives other than medical silicone.

The tapered structure minimizes irritation and maximizes the noise canceling effect
A new fit that’s comfortable to wear!

Unlike regular ear tips, the thickness of the ear-contact area is thinner, reducing pressure and increasing sound insulation.

Normal type : Gets thicker towards the inside of the ear, resulting in pressure
Tapered type : Gets thinner towards the inner ear, therefore reduces pressure and makes it more comfortable

Normal type : The thickness makes it less elastic and less soundproof
Tapered type : The part where the sound enters is thick, resulting in excellent sound insulation


Is there a way to prevent foreign substances to block the filter without interfering with the sound?

Solution: Ideal sound structure hexagonal filter design.

Through various mathematical calculation tests, we adopted a “hexagonal structure” that
effectively reduces the inflow rate of foreign substances and increases sound transmission
by minimizing the margins between shapes and outline margins.

Cleaner and more comfortable!

  • An all-in-one silicone filter that reduces the pressure on the ears


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