Beyerdynamic Impacto Universal DAC & Headphone Amplifier With Battery Pack

Beyerdynamic Impacto Universal DAC & Headphone Amplifier With Battery Pack

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Beyerdynamic Impacto Universal

Mobile Hi-Res converter in small format
Impacto turns your digital device into a hi-res player. The USB DAC and headphone amplifier gets the maximum out of your digital music files and additionally makes your beyerdynamic high-end headphones digital.

HIGH-RESOLUTION AUDIO - As a seal of quality, the Hi–Res Audio logo stands for high-resolution audio reproduction and is assigned by the Japan Audio Society. Products approved for bearing the Hi-Res Audio logo are able to handle Hi-Res files without quality loss and have to fulfill strict requirements: 

  • Must feature an analogue frequency response of at least 40 kHz. 
Must be able to handle a resolution of at least 96 kHz/24 Bit.

Due to these high standards, Hi–Res Audio devices guarantee that the quality of CDs or compressed MP3 files is exceeded by far and that the entire detail richness of the music becomes audible.

MAKE YOUR BEYERDYNAMIC HEADPHONES DIGITAL - The cable DAC and Amplifier Impacto is perfectly tailored to the beyerdynamic high‑end models and provides them with a digital interface. So you are no longer dependent on the jack plug of your portable device. In fact, Impacto facilitates lossless digital transmission so you can enjoy first‑class playback quality of your music – for a sound experience that meets the highest standards.

  • High-end DAC & headphone amplifier in one
  • Gets the most out of your digital audio files (max. sample rate 384 kHz / 32 bits, DSD 5.6 MHz)
  • Built-in ESS SABRE9018Q2C SABRE32 Reference DACTM for best possible performance
  • Compatible with high-end headphones from beyerdynamic: T 1 (2nd generation), T 5 p (2nd generation) and Amiron home
    *** ESS SABRE9018Q2C SABRE32 Reference DAC is a trademark owned by ESS Technology, Inc. that may be registered in one or more countries


  • As a “Hi-Res converter in small format”, Impacto gets the maximum out of your digital music files. In terms of sound, Impacto lifts your digital device up to the level of a hi-fi system at home. Together with your beyerdynamic high-end headphones, perfect sound quality is guaranteed – even subtle elements and fine details in the music recording are revealed.


  • The technology inside would do credit even to exclusive hi-fi systems. The SABRE³² Mobile Reference DAC™ decrypts high-resolution audio signals up to a resolution of 32 bits and 384 kilohertz. This device class typically achieves maximum values of 24 bit/192 kHz.


  • No matter where you store your music: Impacto is an all-rounder that offers versatile connection options. Thanks to four different connecting cables, Impacto universal can be used with Apple and Android devices (with USB-OTG) as well as with PC and notebook. Impacto essential is suitable for use with Android smartphones and tablets (with USB-OTG) as well as with PC and notebook.

Minimum size, maximum sound

  • Due to its compact and light format and direct integration into the headphones cable, Impacto universal is highly portable and even makes you forget that it’s there. Thus, you can enjoy a first-class musical experience with your beyerdynamic headphones in every situation at home as well as on the go.

Key Difference Between Impacto Essential and Impacto Universal

  • Impacto essential: connectivity to Android smartphones and tablets (USB OTG), PCs and notebooks
  • Impacto universal (with a battery pack): made for Apple as well as Android (USB OTG) devices, PCs and notebooks

What's Included

  • Beyerdynamic Impacto Universal DAC AMP with Battery Pack
  • Attached headphone connection cable with 2 x 3.5 mm jack plugs, 0.4 m
  • Lightning cable, 0.8 m
  • Micro-USB cable (On-The-Go), 0.8 m
  • USB-C cable, 0.8 m
  • USB-A cable, 1.4 m

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum sampling rate: 384 kHz / 32 Bit, DSD 5,6 MHz
  • Frequency range: 4 - 52.000 Hz
  • S/N: 121 dB(A)
  • THD: 0.002 %
  • Channel separation: 97 dB
  • Output power: 50 mW in 32 Ω, 16 mW in 250 Ω, 7 mW in 600 Ω
  • Output impedance: 1 Ω
  • Power supply: 5 V, 195 mA (über USB)
  • DAC: ESS SABRE9018Q2C SABRE³² Reference DAC™
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