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Fiio FW3 True Wireless Earphone

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True Wireless

True HiFi

  • The new FW3 is a fully integrated, high fidelity true wireless pair of earphones that combines an independent DAC, professionally-tuned acoustic components, and a high-end Bluetooth chip that gives new meaning to what a HiFi TWS should be.


A robust core for robust listening

AK4332 DAC

  • The new FW3 features an efficient AKM VELVET SOUND DAC chip— the AK4332. This high-performance chip features a signal-to-noise ratio as high as 106dB, distortion rate as low as 0.0016%, and a dynamic range up to 102dB.


Efficient and stable, for smooth operation

Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC5141

  • Thanks to the high-end dual-DSP, dual-core CPU QCC5141 Bluetooth chip, the FW3 features exceptionally stable Bluetooth audio and general operation.

*FW3 is Snapdragon Sound certified, ensuring good sound quality.


Unleashing true audiophile-level quality

10mm carbon-based dynamic driver

  • As a HiFi brand, FiiO will naturally ensure that any of their earphones feature great sound quality. To achieve this with the FW3, the earphones feature a high-end 10mm carbon-based dynamic driver. The carbon-based material allows the FW3 to have excellent, quick transient response as well as reduced unwanted breakup leading to less overall distortion – giving the FW3 exception resolution rarely seen in the same class of products.


High-resolution transmission

Reproduce music faithfully

Supports LHDC/aptX Adaptive Hi-Res Bluetooth formats

  • The FiiO FW3 supports LHDC/aptX Adaptive hi-res Bluetooth formats, which are a considerable upgrade in sound quality over earlier Bluetooth sound formats – fully allowing the FW3 to reproduce music in all of their glorious detail.


Every song in your style

10-band parametric EQ

  • Customise your listening to your taste. The FW3 features a 10-band parametric EQ, and for each band you can customise the center frequency, level, and Q/bandwidth of the center frequency. You can DIY a set of “music filters” down to your exact taste.


A reliable companion always juiced up

21h long battery life

  • The fully integrated TWS FW3 not only features high-performance parts that give its excellent sound, but also features impressive battery life. Built into the FW3 is a large 60mAh battery, which when combined with the sizable 380mAh battery of the charging case leads to a total battery life of about 21 hours or more.


Being easy to use should be standard

4 physical buttons

  • The FW3 on each earphone features 2 physical buttons, which allow you to more easily operate the earphones by pure touch with zero accidental touches, unlike touch-sensitive buttons. The physical buttons are also placed perpendicular to the wearing angle, making it easier to use without resorting to too much force.


Specially-tuned frequency response

Meticulously tuned by acoustic experts

  • The goal of creating the fully integrated TWS FW3 was to prove that one can create a true wireless pair of earphones with audiophile-level sound quality. The experts of the FW3 development team painstakingly tuned both the digital and analogue components to allow the FW3 to truly faithfully reproduce your music.


Fully integrated HiFi TWS

  • A true HiFi DAC and amp design

AK4332 DAC

  • A robust core, for robust listening

Qualcomm Bluetooth chip QCC5141

  • Efficient and stable, for smooth operation

10mm carbon-based dynamic driver

  • Unleashing true audiophile-level quality

Supports LHDC/aptX Adaptive Hi-Res Bluetooth formats

  • 96k/24bit Hi-Res support, for true audio reproduction

10-band parametric EQ

  • Impart your style on every song

21h long battery life

  • A reliable companion, in a complicated world

4 physical buttons

  • Intuitive with 0 mis-clicks

Specially-tuned frequency response

  • Meticulously tuned by acoustic experts




  • Model: FW3
  • DAC: AK4332
  • Bluetooth chip: QCC5141
  • Dynamic driver: 10mm carbon-based diaphragm
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2
  • Frequency response: 20-20kHz
  • Sensitivity: 108dB/mW (@1kHz)
  • Impedance: 32 ohm+20% (@1kHz)
  • Charging time: with charging case 1h40min
  • Battery life: about 7h (headphones) + 14h (charging case)
  • Battery capacity: headphones 65mAh, charging case 380mAh
  • Supported audio formats: SBC/AAC/aptX/aptX Adaptive/LHDC

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