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Final Audio ZE2000 True Wireless Earphones

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Sound quality design based on the latest acoustic engineering and psychoacoustic research results. A product that can be said to be a new standard for complete wireless earphones.

The "ZE2000" is a model based on the ZE3000 but with a different sound quality. The ZE3000 has a wide and natural sound quality, and you can feel the detailed sounds and reverberations behind the songs, while the "ZE2000" feels the vocals and instrument sounds a little closer to your ears than the ZE3000. increase.

One of the pleasures of audio is "comparing sounds". By comparing various models, you can discover the fun of music and the goodness of each product that you have not noticed before. Please enjoy the new product "ZE2000", which is packed with our commitment and passion, and compare it with the ZE3000.


Excellent audio equipment, amplifiers and other electronic equipment have an extremely low distortion of around 0.0001%. On the other hand, the distortion generated by the driver unit (speaker part) inside the earphone is 1% or more in the low range even with excellent products. In other words, it can be said that a distortion of 10,000 times or more is generated in the process of converting the electrical signal into sound in the driver unit (speaker part) of the earphone. If this distortion can be greatly reduced, sound quality will improve dramatically. In addition, true wireless earphones often rely heavily on software equalizers to adjust the sound quality, and as a result, the sound quality tends to be easy to get tired of listening to. With the ZE2000, the basic performance of the driver unit has been enhanced, and acoustic sound quality adjustment using the acoustic space inside the earphone housing has been adjusted so that the sound quality can be fully satisfied without an equalizer. On top of that, we perform extremely effective correction that only an equalizer can do, such as reducing the sound pressure in a narrow band with pinpoint accuracy. However, in order to make effective use of this equalizer adjustment, a driver unit with extremely high precision sound pressure frequency characteristics is required. If there is a variation of about 3 dB, which is a general accuracy, correcting with an equalizer will rather produce unnatural results.

In order to solve the above distortion and accuracy problems, we have developed a newly designed "f-Core for Wireless" that has been redesigned from scratch. In general, the diaphragm of an earphone is made of a resin film integrally molded with the edge. Because it requires front and back amplitude, the diaphragm is grooved in the tangential direction, which is called a tangential edge. It added movement and caused distortion. "f-Core for Wireless" uses a special resin that combines lightness and hardness for the diaphragm. The edges around the diaphragm are made of a special, extremely flexible silicon that provides smooth, distortion-free diaphragm amplitude. By separating the edge and the diaphragm, we have achieved a diaphragm area equivalent to a 9mmφ driver unit that uses a tangential edge, despite the diameter being 6mm, and reduced the amount of amplitude. This point also contributes to the reduction of distortion. Furthermore, the special silicon edge and the diaphragm are directly thermo-compressed, which dramatically improves assembly accuracy and minimizes variations between drivers. In addition, since no adhesive is used for the diaphragm, the weight is greatly reduced and it also contributes to the reduction of distortion.

These thorough distortion reduction measures have made it possible to clearly hear the fine details of each sound that were difficult to hear because they were buried in other sounds.

Furthermore, by being able to listen to the process of the reverberating sound attenuating to the end, you can feel the breadth of the music's sound space.


Completely wireless earphones require a high density of batteries, electronic boards, antennas, etc. As a result, the degree of freedom to adjust the sound quality by acoustic means is low, and we have no choice but to create sounds under strict constraints. In addition, since waterproof performance is required for completely wireless earphones, vents (vents) that optimize the pressure of the acoustic space inside the earphone housing cannot be opened outside the housing. As a result, typical true wireless earphones without vents have too much low end and are forced to emphasize high end to balance it out. As a result, not only does it create a flashy sound that emphasizes both the low and high frequencies, it also tends to lose its naturalness, such as vocals becoming distant. The ZE2000 is equipped with a newly developed "f-LINK damping mechanism" that optimizes the pressure in the acoustic space inside the housing of the earphone and enables an acoustic design equivalent to that of wired earphones without venting to the outside of the housing. I'm here. This makes it possible to properly control the low range, which was difficult to achieve with the sound quality design of a completely wireless earphone, and reproduce vocals that tend to be far away with the balance intended by the artist. In addition, the low-frequency reproduction of drum kicks and bass lines, combined with the ultra-low distortion of the driver unit, achieves a high quality that allows you to feel the subtle dynamics in the bass.


In addition to SBC and AAC codecs, it also supports aptX™, which offers high sound quality without interruption. Compatible with a wide range of iPhone and Android models, pairing is easy. Furthermore, it supports 48kHz/24bit wireless transmission with Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive codec.


The ZE2000 is based on the housing design, which is the optimal solution for IEMs established in wired earphones so far, and achieves a better fit. Whether or not the earphones are comfortable to wear depends on how little pressure is felt. At first glance, the method of holding with the repulsive force of silicon, such as selecting an organic shape that promotes ergonomics, seems to be correct, but it always puts pressure on the ears, and before you realize it, it puts a strain on your ears and accumulates fatigue. To do. Compared to the shape that touches the ear with an organic large surface, the shape that limits the contact area aims for a feeling of wearing that does not feel oppressive. The ZE2000 housing is held at three points for a stable fit. There will be 1 point in the pink part (ear pocket) in the figure below, 1 point in the green part (earpiece), and 1 point in the blue part (tragus) for a total of 3 points. Therefore, it fits most people's ears. If there is no pressure at all contact points, you will feel that the earphones are so comfortable to wear.


Comes with 5 sizes of TYPE E complete wireless earpieces, which are popular for their excellent fit and sound insulation. Many common earpieces have a shape that strongly presses the inner part of the ear canal, causing pain and fatigue when worn for a long time. The new TYPE E completely wireless specification is a type that is softly attached to the entrance of the ear canal, so there is almost no feeling of foreign matter. By minimizing the feeling of wearing itself, we have achieved the "supreme feeling of wearing". In addition, the axis colors of adjacent sizes are different (the eartips included with MATTE BLACK alternate between light gray and dark gray, and the eartips included with ASH GRAY alternate between clear and white), making it easy to distinguish sizes. increase. 5 sizes of SS/S/M/L/LL are included. You can choose according to your preference. In addition, since this earphone is often worn slightly shallow at the entrance of the ear hole, the default is to install an L size earpiece.


In correspondence with touch operation, you can operate reproduction/stop of music and call/end call more easily. The touch point is on the front and rear side of the earphone body (the side without the logo printed), and it is designed to prevent erroneous operation when wearing.


Life waterproof IPX4 compatible for peace of mind even in sudden weather changes. You can use it without stress even on rainy days or during sports.


In addition to being thin and compact, it is easy to open and close with one hand, and we were particular about the shape that fits comfortably in your hand when you hold it.


Two color variations, MATTE BLACK and ASH GRAY. The earphones and charging case are made of lightweight resin, and are coated with a non-slip, non-slip matte finish.


Equipped with an "auto pairing function" that starts pairing just by opening the lid of the charging case. You can listen to music as soon as you put it on your ear. In addition, when the main unit is stored in the charging case and the lid is closed, the power automatically turns off, so you can rest assured that you will not forget to turn it off.


Simply put one earbud back into the case and it will automatically switch to "one ear mode" without interrupting your music. In "one ear mode", stereo playback is switched to monaural playback * 1, so there is no discomfort even when enjoying music with one ear. It is useful when you want to enjoy music without shutting out external sounds, such as listening to music with one ear while cooking.

*1: Monaural playback is a method in which the left and right sounds are played from a single speaker. Switching to monaural playback is supported only for SBC/AAC connections.

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