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iFi Audio iPower Low Noise DC Power Supply

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iFi audio iPower Plug

iFi Audio iPower
When is a plug no ordinary plug? When it’s an iFi iPower.

  • Use an iPower to replace your regular power supply for clean, noise pollution-free power.

Power hungry

  • Got underlying noise in your system you can’t explain?
  • It could be as simple as your power supply.
  • Upgrade to the iFi iPower to feed your system’s circuits with clean, audiophile-grade power and address issues at both the output and input stages.

Power up!

  • The iPower uses Active Noise Cancellation+ to cancel all incoming EMI or RFI noise.
  • It is at least 10x quieter than previous iFi power adapters, 20x quieter than audiophile linear power supplies and 1000x quieter than standard SMPS wall adapters.

EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) - EMI is a type of interference caused by errant and unwanted electromagnetic waves that are received and amplified by an audio system. They cause some of the annoying 'audio gremlins' we often talk about.

RFI (Radio-frequency interference) - Radio-frequency interference (RFI) is very similar to electromagnetic interference (EMI) but is found in the radio frequency spectrum. It is another source of irritating, unwanted noise often talked about as an 'audio gremlin'.

Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) - A switched-mode power supply is an electronic power supply that incorporates a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently. It transfers power from a DC or AC source to DC loads, such as a personal computer, while converting voltage and current characteristics.
Switch-mode power supplies are widely used because of the advantages they offer in terms of size, weight, cost, efficiency, and overall performance. They are in themselves noisy and were not designed with audio in mind.

Have iPower, will travel.

  • The iPower loves to travel.
  • It has 4 barrel-tip adapters which means it’s compatible with all wall pin types across the world (UK/US/EU/AU). A true-globe trotter.
  • It also comes with USB and center negative adapters.

You’ve got the power

  • Add the iPower into your system and you’ll notice music come back to life. It can add in detail originally lost through conventional power supplies.
  • Get your power back with the iFi iPower.

  • It works with virtually any DC powered device and comes in 5, 9, 12 and 15 volts.
  • Just check the correct voltage and away you go. Clean, audiophile-grade power.

  • Quiet! Active Noise Cancellation+® (ANC+) at work!
  • Exceptionally quiet power. The measured noise floor is 100x quieter than the common noise filter.

  • It can be used all over the world as it comes with pins for the USA, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australasia.



  • 100-240VAC


  • 5V/2.5A; 9V/2.0A; 12V/1.8A; 15V/1.2A
  • 5.5 x 2.1mm (length: 1.8 metres/5.9 feet)

Output plug:

  • 5.5×2.1mm input/5.5×2.5mm output (‘C’ black)
  • 5.5×2.1mm input/4.8×1.7mm output (‘F’ black)
  • 5.5×2.1mm input/4.0×1.7mm output (‘G’ black)
  • 5.5×2.1mm input/3.5×1.35mm output (‘H’ black)
  • 5.5×2.1mm right-angled extension cable.
  • 5.5×2.1mm input/5.5×2.5mm output; Reverse Polarity Plug (‘C’ white)

5v version (only)

  • DC > micro USB cable (for Raspberry Pi or similar micro computers)

Noise*: 1uV
Size: 82x43x40 mm
Weight: 155g (with cable)

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