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Muzen Original II AM/FM radio Bluetooth Speaker

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Wired Bluetooth speaker&FM/AM radio.

MUZEN Original Ⅱ was hand-carved and tailor-made with real walnut wood to accentuate timbre and warmth. With the consideration of classic style but unique aesthetics, each MUZEN Original Ⅱ has undergone 27 processes in 90 crafting days.

Product features include:

  • BLUETOOTH 4.0 TECHNOLOGY: Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices. Instantly connect to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. MUZEN Original Ⅱ automatically reconnects to the last device used.
  • FM/AM RADIO: MUZEN Original Ⅱ picks up FM/AM radio stations local to your location. Tune the dial to listen to your favorites!
  • MUZEN Original Ⅱ supports APTX lossless transmission and NFC quick connection.
  • Winner of the CES Innovation Awards, MUZEN Original Ⅱ is extremely loud with crisp sound. Made of the finest walnut wood for perfect sound clarity and wooden timbre resonance.
  • MUZEN Original Ⅱ supports connecting with external stereo devices.
  • The whole body of MUZEN Original Ⅱ is made to be the perfect retro vintage look for home decor. Designed to look like a 1964 radio, MUZEN Original Ⅱ will bring out all the nostalgia.

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