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Oladance OWS 2 True Wireless Earphones

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  • Experience comfort that lasts all day, effortlessly.
  • Acoustic components of the highest order, crafting an epic sound.
  • Our second-generation bass algorithm, a powerful surge of sound.
  • Protecting your hearing with real-time optimization of high audio.
  • A battery life that stretches on for 19 hours.
  • Connect to multiple points, compatible with a multitude of devices.

Experience an all-day extreme comfort fit.

The OWS 2, with their robust memory titanium wireframe and multi-point support system, distribute weight evenly across your ear. They fit the natural curve of your ear perfectly, never fearing a fall.

Superior sound quality with 16.5mm dynamic drivers.

Two potent 16.5mm drivers unite to deliver acoustic brilliance. With drivers triple the size of Apple Airpods, they create an intimate, concert-like audio experience. Our top bio-diaphragm technology ensures a consistent listening experience at any volume, from crisp highs to powerfully exciting lows.

Powerful bass with our Virtual bass 2.0 algorithm.

Our Virtual bass 2.0 algorithm enhances the bass volume, diving deeper into the sound.


19h of Super Long Battery Life.

With a large capacity battery and our breakthrough low-consumption algorithm, we've optimized the battery life to provide up to 19 hours of continuous play per charge. Perfect for long flights or all-night workouts.Bluetooth 5.3 Multipoint Connection


Bluetooth 5.3 ensures the safe and stable transmission of sound signals.

Patented environmental noise canceling (ENC) algorithm.

Better conversations start here. oladance's dual-microphone system amplifies your voice while reducing ambient noise. Our patented environmental noise canceling (ENC) algorithm rebuilds your voice, even when external noise threatens to stifle it.

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